Dog free to good home!

I’ll admit it- I have a terrible habit of looking through my local Craigslist “pets” section. It’s where we got our dog gate and how I found out about a local rescue I sometimes volunteer at. Plus, it feeds my ridiculous need to know what’s going on in the dog world around me.

One of the most frequent postings I see is the ever popular “DOG FREE TO GOOD HOME” post. This inevitably details a family who has the most gorgeous, loving, sweet and perfectly trained dog (yea, I’m paraphrasing here!) but they are either moving to an apartment who doesn’t allow dogs, having a baby or spending too much time at work. So…sorry dog, you’ve gotta go.

This truly blows my mind. I sometimes forget that the whole world doesn’t view dogs the way I do. To some, they are not part of the family. They are a dog. A pet. And nothing more. It breaks my heart to read that people have had their dog for sometimes only 2 months and are giving it away for various reasons. Now before I get emotionally carried away, I need to stop and remind myself why I’m writing this post.

Giving a dog away on Craigslist (bully breed or not) can be a death sentence. There are some not so nice people out there who troll these boards, looking for people who are moving, have allergies, have a new job. They promise a fenced yard, lots of love and belly rubs. In reality, these dogs can end up being part of a backyard breeder’s business (another reason to always spay/neuter!) or as fighting or bait dogs. Small dogs are not exempt. Once you hand your dogs over, you no longer have any control what happens to it. There have been some recent chilling stories that popped up of people giving their dogs away on CL and finding them months later in horrible conditions on the street or being re-sold for tons of money in another posting.

Before you give your pet away, please do some research. Ask local rescues for help first. Friends and colleagues can also be great re-homing resources. If you do decide to go the CL route be selective and know that if something sounds too good to be true….well, you know how that goes. Do a home visit first and make plans to check in on the dog after a few weeks. Most animal lovers with good intentions will have no problems with that! And if you know someone re-homing a pet on CL, please help them to find a good and safe home!

I’m lookin’ at you, CL!


About pawsforpibbles

Teacher, animal lover and dog rescuer! I have had dogs my entire life and after a move to a new state, found myself involved in a Pit Bull rescue for the first time. Having no experience with the breed I was unsure what to expect, but came to find that they are by far the sweetest, most gentle and loving dogs I could have ever imagined. I am continually learning more and more each day about the joys, hardships and heartbreaks that come with owning and rescuing pit bulls. I hope to share some of my knowledge, pictures and love with others who are just as passionate as I am!
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